A change of Leadership is sorely needed.look at what the writers strike accomplished!

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I see they have not changed as a former UFT member and UFT delegate I experienced this first hand. Michael Mulgrew was exhibiting these behaviors since he took over as Union president I guess by now they have gotten worse( when he does those TV interviews he is the nicest guy.)They also allow principals to bully teachers and act like their fighting for members while not providing adequate representation during hearings. Also promising never to sell people out then making side deals: ATRs, Expedited Discipline, making school days longer and pushing the cities agenda to gain political favor. Allowing programs teachers oppose and taking away school governance from parents and teachers to hand it to administrators. This has allowed teachers to be micromanaged to the point that retention is a issue at all levels.

The good teachers are pushed out for those that support the agenda of the union bosses and the city administration to cater to their needs not the workers needs. The evaluation system is a joke no checks and balances just fall in line and lick the boots if not lose your job or get let go. Who will fight for your an employment lawyer will charge you thousands to fight for a job that you will not appreciated for fighting for members. Invest in the members not ok just making the bosses happy. Leave the UFT healthcare alone since it has been going downhill by the way I also have family that are UFT retirees( all the benefits have gone downhill since Michael Mulgrew took over.

Celso Garcia


Former UFT delegate

P.S. I eagerly await your response. ( I doubt the union will even acknowledge I exist because the above is a true story.)

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